Top 10 Signs You're a Homeschool Graduate

Just for Fun May 23, 2009

I thought we’d kick things off with a tribute to our older siblings. Unfortunately, this list will only be funny if you’re over the age 25, but nevertheless, here it is: Top 10 Signs You’re a Homeschool Graduate:

10 You once had a dream of being a TeenPact staffer.
9. You’ve read The Iliad – in Latin.
8. When getting to know someone, “birth order” and “spiritual gift(s)” are essentials.
7. You could easily write a 25-page paper on the dating-courtship controversy.
6. You could write another one on whether or not rock music is inherently evil.
5. You took your driver’s test in a van.
4. You know what IBLP and NCFCA stand for.
3. You thought Carmen was the acropolis of pop-culture.
2. You know what the word acropolis means.
1. You knew Josh “back in the day.”


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