Apologetics Workshop THIS SATURDAY!

For those of you local NCFCA Apologists (or anyone interested in the topics, really), the Rainmakers’ Apologetics Workshop is happening this Saturday. If you’re just getting started or just want to connect with people who are working through the categories, then this is the place to be!

They asked me to come on-board and present “Free Biblical Resources on the Web”. I’m really excited about this workshop. There are a lot of great, Christian resources online that most people don’t know about. So we’ll be exploring a bunch of them.

For more details, check out their site: http://apologetics.hofcc.org/. I hope to see you all there!

One thought on “Apologetics Workshop THIS SATURDAY!

  • August 6, 2010 at 4:48 am

    And they’ve even got their own category… er, I mean sub-domain! I’m sure you’ll be partly responsible for a whole crop of band-wideners. Wish I could be there and hear the talks.

    Interesting fact: Tom Headland (int’l anthropology consultant for SIL) says that most of the problems facing Bible translators are not theological; they’re cultural, such as differences between the Hebrew culture and the target culture in the areas of kinship systems, group cohesion and authority, religious customs, animal symbolism, cosmology, worldview, you name it.

    You should know that our American cultures aren’t the same as the Hebrew (or Greek) culture, either. How should that affect our approach to apologetics?

    Also on the cultural angle, since I see you haven’t got _Constructing Early Christian Families_ yet, you really need to read _Transforming Culture_ by Sherwood Lingenfelter, ch. 6 on “Authority and Family”. He does case studies on families in the Bible and in different indigenous cultures to point out different types of family structures, and how each type can be redeemed.

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