Heeeeeeeeer's Johny!

I’m back!

Since signing off this blog in November, I cannot tell you how much has transpired. It’s been a very full couple of months! Here are some snippets from the the highlight reel:

-I finally learned to like tea. Now I’m addicted.

-I sight-read most of Handel’s Messiah for the second time in my life. That’s always a blast.

-I have pretty much decided to offer an online version of the Worldview class starting in the fall. There are just a few details to work out.

-My oldest brother bought me a mandolin for Christmas. “Little John and Robin Hood / walkin’ through the forest…”

-I sat down to write my Apol syllabus and realized that I was accidentally writing a 4 year program. That pot got taken off the burner.

-I crammed my finals work and flunked it.

-For the first time in a long time, I laughed so hard I cried for about 45mns or so. That was amazing.

-I had my first experience seriously using Skype for business. Same goes for Dropbox. Fact: I love Dropbox.

-I preached a sermon on Multigenerationalism that was a pain to prepare. A pain to present but the fruit of which has really started my wheels turning on so many subjects.

-For the first time, I worked as a Tournament Directed for the Rainmakers’ Round Robin.

-No kidding, you can’t go wrong with Gregorian Chant.

-I was asked to lead a small, private Bible study over the spring.

-My sister started putting together another Beneath the Surface conference. Details will be forth coming.

-I finally found a blog name for my (future) blog. That only took a year and a half).

-I purchased two new Greek grammars (Robertson and BDF) that I’m thrilled about. And did you know you can download Moulton for free?

-I played piano for a ceremony for the first time. One of these days, I’m going to play three instruments in one ceremony. That would be a new record.

To list just a few. After starting college two-and-a-half years ago, I’m taking this semester off. I couldn’t be happier with that decision. Looking over the next 9 months, I think this is going be either an incredibly productive season or a total bust. For the first time in a long time, it feel like I have my brain and life back –which maybe isn’t a healthy experience at the half-way point. We’ll see.

All that to say, I’m back. Starting next week, the posts will resume as normal (sorry if they’re more Greek-related than usual, it’s my focus for right now). But looking through my draft box, I’m really excited about the items coming down the pipeline.

Happy New Year!


David Knopp

David Knopp