New Word!

Just for Fun Aug 03, 2009

“Well, new to me.” is often a sentiment I hear and it’s especially true in regards to words. I love words and I recently discovered this gem:

Epistolography: the practices and principles of letter writing; art of epistolary composition.

Isn’t that beautiful? Of course, the best use for new words is in a sharpened, witty, attack as in, “David’s unwavering disdain for Twitter amounts to little more than epistolographic snobbery if not downright neo-luddism.”

As it turns out, my computer doesn’t even know this great word. I hate it when my computer tries to be smarter than me.

Question: if the dictionary is comprehensive enough to include crystallographic, holographic , historiographical, and electroencephalographic, why, oh why, wouldn’t it include epistolographic?


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