Smith on How "We Need to Initiate a Change"

From My Bookshelf Jan 22, 2013

For a college assignment last week (did I mention I’m back in college? More on that later), we were assigned to read a few chapter from Courage & Calling by Gordon T. Smith.

In there, he talks about the changes that have to happen within our lives and careers and how, basically, it just takes heart and guts. He writes,

It is important to note that this transition of the heart often comes slowly. We look back and in retrospect see that something has grown gradually in our heart, perhaps a holy discontent, and we know that in good conscience we need to ask how best to navigate this transition with a faithful and hopeful response. It will require courage; making a move might disappoint a whole host of people and lead to greater financial insecurity. But increasingly we recognize that we have no choice; we need to initiate a change. In other words, some of the transition we experience are the natural result of growing older; some are the result of external factors that force us to respond; and some are the kinds of transition where we take the initiative, step out and courageously inform the corporation or the organization that we are moving on.

Smith, Gordon T.. Courage & Calling (InterVarsity Press. Downers Grove IL.: 2011). 15


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