"...To The Church's Impoverishment"

From My Bookshelf Jul 12, 2011

In James Boice’s commentary on Ephesians, he makes the following remark concerning 4:11-13:

“Another reason for the rise of clericalism is the tendency of laypeople to sit back and “let the pastor do it.” Stott quotes a remark of Sir John Lawrence to this effect: ‘What does the layman really want? He wants a building which looks like a church; clergy dressed in the way he approves; services of the kind he’s been used to, and to be left alone.’ Thus do laymen abandon their God-given tasks and the professional clergy pick them up…to the church’s impoverishment.”

Boice, James Montgomery. Ephesians: An Expositional Commentary. BakerBooks. 1997. p142


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