Blogging May 22, 2009

Yet another blog? You ask?

Truth be told, while blogging on highstrungstrings.blogspot.com has been a great outlet for all things musical, music itself is only one-third of my life. The other two thirds are studying theology and teaching Worldview.

So this blog is dedicated to the other two-thirds of my life. Of course, staying on-topic is not a strength of mine, so I’m sure there will be many detours to satisfy the less-sequential among us. This is good news because if I only post about worldview and Greek, the vast majority of you all wouldn’t understand half of the posts.

Another major topic is teaching. I love teaching. What I love more than teaching is exploring better ways of teaching –an inexhaustible subject.

So there you have it: a freshly written game plan for the newly christened blog. And that will do it for the mixed metaphors in this post.

Stay tuned,



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